Art Deco Rotary Chrome & Glass Liquor Dispenser





Offered is a wonderful circa 1940s Rotary Chrome & Glass Liquor Dispenser by United Glass complete with all 6 glasses.

You can fill each glass by turning the Chrome Tray to position a glass just below the spout. Then just a couple of pumps and the liquor will squirt into the glass. No need to remove it from the tray until you're ready to drink!

Overall measurements to this wonderful Bar Accessory is 13 inches in height. The Chrome Tray is 8.5 inches in diameter. The glass bottle base is 4.25 inches in diameter.

Each Shot Glass has a weighted bottom and a plastic ribbed band.

Overall, this is in very good condition. The Chrome could stand a little's still relatively shinny; but I think it could be polished up to bring it to a better look. All glasses are in very good condition. One glass does have a ring of discoloration on the plastic rim close to where it sits on the tray. Tray turns smoothly. Pump does work. The tray has been bent (please look at the last picture). 

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