Huge Gorgeous Lemon Shaped Hand Blown Bowl



Offered is a humongous Bowl in the shape of a lemon. Sorry the pictures really do not do this piece justice. The color is a lovely yellow gold. Looking at the dish from the top it is lemon shaped. Looking at it from the side one side is higher than the other.

It is a blown piece.  Doesn't appear to be mold blown. The pontil on the base has been ground flat and smooth. It's beautifully constructed.

As to manufacturer - It's hard to say. There are no markings to indicate origin.

The bowl measures 16.5 inches in length x 13.25 inches in width. On the higher side it is 4.25 inches in height and on the lower side it is 3 inches in height.

Condition: No chips or cracks. No major scratches.

It's an absolutely stunning piece!

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